Experienced Shipyard worker/ Physical Worker Last Updated: September 7, 2020 (3 months ago)

My Qualifications and certificates:

-Warehouse training and Forklift Truck Operations Training Course completed at the Academy of “Lift Truck Operators and Health and Safety at Work”

-Polish Association of Electrical Engineers (SEP) Electrician Certificate (voltage up to 1kV)

-Medical certificate on the ability to work at heights above 3 m

-Category B driving license

-Current Passport

-FSE Low Voltage (renewal needed) and Norwegian tax number

- VCA and Duch tax number

Gdynia, Poland
Phone Number


Continuing Education Centre,College of further education No. 2 Sopot Logistic
Sep 2007 — Jun 2009


“Eltechnic”/ Hereid Group Solutions Electrician helper
Jun 2019 — Apr 2020
Assistant electrician in the repair shipyard in Myklebust and Ulstein in Norway
-laying new cables on the tracks according to cable lists and drawings
-simple connections (basic lighting
and emergency, sockets, etc.)
- connecting the switchboard according to the diagram and instructions of the electrician
AC Elektro Electrician helper
Apr 2019 — May 2019
-electrical works on the superyacht "Serene" in Ritthem.
-connecting Stark floor screens according to the scheme, simple electrical work (e.g. replacing
a lightbulb, installing a socket, laying new cables on the tracks, opening/closing cable passages)
-connecting power panels with sockets in the port
AC Elektro Electrician helper
Jan 2019 — Feb 2019
-electrical work on the "L 800" at the Den Helder shipyard in the Netherlands
-cable laying, opening/closing of cable passages (roxtec/MTC brattberg), simple connections (lighting, sockets, etc.)
“Elektryka Morska”(Marine Electrics), Bartłomiej Stępień Electrician helper
Nov 2018 — Dec 2018
-laying cables on finished tracks on the ship, connecting fire detectors, lamps and valves
from the engine room through start/stop buttons to the cabinet on the upper deck, mounting
and connecting floats for bilge system
VBW Clima Engineering Production Worker
Aug 2015 — Jun 2018
-preparation for production (assembly of medium and large volume air conditioning units)
-press brake operator EHT VARIOPRESS130

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