Welders 141, 136, 135
Painters, Cleaners

Constrution workers to buildings, finishings, maitanance. Write an email for candidates.

Production workers
Care workers

CNC Operators, Electricians, SAP consultants: you receive CVs of Polish workers.

Write what kind of workers you are looking for at email
danieljurkiewicz12@gmail.com, we will pick and send you candidates.
We charge for the working hours, workers have to be working minimum 7 days.

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  • Fireguards
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  • Foremans
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We work for European customers who focus on quality works and possesing top workers from labour market.

Offering jobs mostly in Scandinavian countries - Denmark, Norway, and the Netherlands, Germany. In last 3 years recruiting and selecting over 700 workers to shipyards and construction companies in Denmark (shipyards Fayard A/S, Søby Værft A/S, Carstensen Skagen, Svendborg), recruited welders and building workers to companies in Norway and Holland.
Specializing in delivering shipyard workers (welders, pipefitters) and construction workers. We are paid when workers are working.. Read more about how to start cooperation here.

Email addresses are danieljurkiewicz12@gmail.com and malgorzataheina@gmail.com - write us.

Are you looking for 141, 136, 111 welders from Poland?
Send your requirement at: danieljurkiewicz12@gmail.com

We provide Polish welders welding in TIG 141-111 methods, MIG - MAG 135, 131,311 and 136 methods. Most welders have valid welding certificates TUV, DNV, UDW with stamps, and valid safety work certificates like Hotworks, VCA / SCC. Chosen Polish welders speak English good or communicative, they also work as fitters, know technical drawing, works in pairs with pipe-fitters. Candidates have 5-20 years experience in work in welding projects Norway, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, United Kingdom.

TIG welders weld in black steel, stainless steel, duplex, in various welding positions f.e. HL-045.

Important! - currently we can not help with recruiting shipyard workers to Denmark (welders, pipefitters, hullsplaters) as we work there exclusively for our long-term partner.