Skagen, Denmark
Aug, 14
We need 10 TIG welders for super-duplex and also hulls fitters to Denmark to Skagen. Job starts 25-08-2015 for more than 1 month. Welders needed with valid certificates with gr. 8 , method welding 141, and should have Hot-work Certificate. Provided free accommodation, salary 160 dkk/h brutto, 10-12 hours working a day, 6 days a week. work for couple of weeks. Candidates interested please send Cvs at: with subject in email: welder 141 duplex/blacksmith to Denmark  
Utrecht, Netherlands
Aug, 10
We are looking for 5 experinced riggers to building sites in Uttrecht- cooperating with cranes operators. They will install lines for concrete blocks. Job for longer time, We need rigger certificates + VCA certficates, English language (communicative ) and own car. Able to read technical drawings. Salary 450/475 EUR /week which is about 2000 EUR nett for 1 month+ provided free accomodation, Candidates are requested to send their CV at email  address: with annotation in subject line: "Rigger to buildingsite in Holland"
Skaggen, Denmark
Aug, 10
We need 2 pipe-fitters to plastic pipes to Denmark, shipyard in Skagen. Job starts from Monday 17.08.2015, here is needed min. 2 years experience. Job 10-12 hours/day 6-7 days a week. Job from minimum 1 month, or longer. Provided free accommodation. Salary 153 dkk/h brutto. Candidates interested please send applications at with annotation: pipe fitters to plastic pies in Denmark.
Drammen, Norway
Aug, 07
We need from 10.08.2015 2 ventilation fitters to Norway, Drammen who will work in installing ventilation systems, tin smiths. Job primary for 3 weeks, possible longer job contracts. Salary daily 380 PLN nett, monthly 8500PLN-9500 PLN netto/month+ provided and paid accommodation. Flight and food on the cost of worker. Job contract with Polish company. Candidates interested in this job position are requested to send applications at: with annotation: "ventilation fitters to Drammen".
Frankfurt, Germany
Aug, 03
We need 2 hydraulics to job in Frankfurt, Germany, job for 3 months. Workers should have own car, tools and good knowledge of German language. Company provides and pays for accommodation. Salary 11,25 EUR nett, monthly about 2000 EUR nett. Candyidates are requested to send their CV applications at email with annotation in subject: 2 hydraulics to Germany, Franfurt
Apeldoorn, Netherlands
Jul, 28
Lorries and busses spray painter to the Netherlands, city Apeldoorn (centre of Netherlands). Job for 1 year but trips back every 4-5 weeks to Poland. We need experinced spray painter, with communicative English and own car. Provided accommodation by employer, salary 450 EUR/week nett, about 2000 EUR nett / month with extra hours, accommodation free, located some distance (about 10 km) from place of work. Candidates interested please send CV application to email address: with annotation: "lorries busses spray painter to Holland"
Skagen, Denmark
Jul, 27
We need 2 pipe-fitters with experience with working in Ermeto pipes and hydrualic pipes bending to start work in Skagen since 27.07.2015 and work for 1 or 2 months in Danish shipyard. Offrered: salary 153 dkk/h brutto + free accommodation. Work in Skagen, Denmark. Candidates interested in this job offer please send application at email: with annotation: pipe-fitters bending hydraulics to Denmark
Drammen, Norway
Jul, 16
Looking for tiler to Norway for 1.5 months, work in the Polish brigade, work in city Drammen. Job right away, it's important that the person who had the experience and was able to quickly and efficiently put tiles in the bathrooms. Net salary is 10,000 PLN per month (after deduction of costs of accommodation), hiring by the Polish company. Candidates interested please email cv at email
Skagen, Denmark
Jul, 15
I am looking for 10 experienced pipe fitters to Denmark, Skagen. Start working from 20 July 2015. The contract lasts until February / March 2016. Working 12 hours a day / 7 days a week. The rate of 153 DKK / gross (approximately 105 DKK / h Net). Provided accommodation by the Danish employer. The agreement with the Danish company, additional holiday allowance – Feriepenge. Required experience in foreign projects, English language communicative level. Candidates interested please send your CV to with the annotation in email "pipeline fitters to Denmark"
near Berlin, Germany
Jul, 14
Car mechanic needed with knowledge of German, own car from Monday to Germany. Accommodation at the expense of the company, own room with cooking facilities, max. 20 km from place of work. We pay net € 450-475 per week for 40 hours. Working for several months, reunions every 4-5 weeks. Working for longer. Those interested please send your CV to with the note "car mechanic Germany"
near Berlin, Germany
Jul, 14
We need 2 car painters with knowledge of German, own car on Monday, in Germany near Berlin. Accommodation at the expense of the company, own room with cooking facilities, max. 20 km from place of work. We pay net € 450-475 per week for 40 hours. Working for several months, reunions every 4-5 weeks. those interested please send your CV to with the note "Car Spraying Painters to Germany"
Bavaria, Germany
Jun, 26
I am looking for 5 welders to Germany welding with methods 135 and 141 (stainless steel), speaking in communicative German. Work started on the 1 month trial, work contract for a couple months. Departure 28.06.2015 (Sunday) Required knowledge of the German language at a comunicative level. Important welding certificates. A valid driving license / own car to travel from accommodation to the workplace (approx. 20 km) The salary is about 2000 EUR net per month with extra overtime. The rate per working hour is 11.25 EUR / h net. Employment in the Dutch company, accompanied taxes and insurance. The applications please send to the address with the note "welder 141 135 to Germany." Please, send scans of valid welding certificates.
Haugesund, Norway
Jun, 18
I need 2 welders 141 with valid welding certificates (stainless steel), including working as pipe fitters (need to be experienced in both) to Norway, city Haugesund. Workers will work both as a welder and pipe fitter. The work about assembling for industrial components. The required welding certificates are valid 141 (stainless steel) 1.1, hot work, good knowledge of English, knowledge of drawing iso, experience of working as a pipe fitter and welder tig. Employment the rate of pay 175 kr / h gross, provided accommodation and transportation (air travel). Working 12 hours a day (a large number of working hours per week). If you be good the work contract for more than 3-4 months. Departure next week. Those who are interested please send your CV with a note in the title: "141 welder / pipe fitter to Norway"
Drammen, Norway
Jun, 17
I'm looking for an experienced workshop-locksmith fitter to Norway, the city near Oslo, Drammen Work planned for a period of six months, starting period – one month. Departure at the weekend, 20-21.06 2015 Tasks: preparing fittings, geometry, cutting elements for insulation fitters for insulating pipes (many elements). Must be experinced in K-Flex system. The hour rate of 90 Norwegian kroner net / h, on average about 180-230 hours per month. Monthly slaray in nett about 10.000 PLN netto, after deducting of accommodation. Candidates interested in this job offer please send your CV at email address:
Drammen, Norway
Jun, 11
3 experienced isulation workers needed for insulation of pipes (k-flex) stainless steel to Norway. Work in insulating pipes with technical wool, fitting plates on pipes. Work in city Drammen, near Oslo, in restoring old browaries. Working for periods of 2-6 months, departure 13-14.06, first month is a probation period. Salary 90 norwegian crowns/ h netto. Work 10-12 hours per day, 6-7 days a week. Monthly salary about 10.000 PLN netto, after deduction of accommodation. Candidates interested are requested to send application to email address:, with anotation: "Monter izolacji do Norwegii"

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