Category: Construction

Limburg, Germany
Apr, 07
I am looking for 2 plasterboard fitters for making ceiling and indoor constroctions and renovations of walls in Germany, Limburg. Job for 3-5 months, salary 11 EUR/h netto + free accommodation, avarage salary netto per month 8000-8500 PLN/month netto. Needed workers speaking German, with Sofi number, some basic tools. Candidates interested please send CV at email with annotation: plasterboard to Germany
Brunssum, Netherlands
Nov, 19
Searching for 4 experinced plasterboard fitters to plasterboard steel constructions to work in south Holland, job in Brunssum, work 8-9 hour per day, Provided free accomodation, salary 10 EUR/H nett. Needed 2 cars for 4 fitters, they need to speak communicative German and have their own tools. Work with plasterboards. Job start on 23.11.2015 - for minimum 1 month. Candidates interested are requested to send application at email with annotation in subject "fitter for steel plasterboard contsructions"
Alphen aan de Rijn, Netherlands
Nov, 19
I am looking for 2 experinced plasterboard fitters to work in Holland, job near Rotterdam, work 8-9 hour per day, Provided free accomodation, salary 10 EUR/H nett. Needed car for 2 fitters and both need to have VCA. Work with plasterboard ceilings. Job start on 23.11.2015 - minimum 1 month. Candidates interested are requested to send application at email with annotation in subject "plasterboard fitters with VCA"
Utrecht, Netherlands
Aug, 10
We are looking for 5 experinced riggers to building sites in Uttrecht- cooperating with cranes operators. They will install lines for concrete blocks. Job for longer time, We need rigger certificates + VCA certficates, English language (communicative ) and own car. Able to read technical drawings. Salary 450/475 EUR /week which is about 2000 EUR nett for 1 month+ provided free accomodation, Candidates are requested to send their CV at email  address: with annotation in subject line: "Rigger to buildingsite in Holland"
Drammen, Norway
Aug, 07
We need from 10.08.2015 2 ventilation fitters to Norway, Drammen who will work in installing ventilation systems, tin smiths. Job primary for 3 weeks, possible longer job contracts. Salary daily 380 PLN nett, monthly 8500PLN-9500 PLN netto/month+ provided and paid accommodation. Flight and food on the cost of worker. Job contract with Polish company. Candidates interested in this job position are requested to send applications at: with annotation: "ventilation fitters to Drammen".
Drammen, Norway
Jul, 20
Need urgently for 3 -4 weeks 2 fitters drywall, offering accommodation, salary approx. 7500 zł/10.000 PLN net / person. Work on the installation plaster boards, also plastering and painting. Candidates interested please contact me at email . It is important that people are experienced and willing to work immediately.
Utrecht, Netherlands
Jul, 19
I am looking for 2 carpenters/fixers to Uttrchet. Job offer for longer time (over 2 years), Provided accommodation, salary 450 EUR/week netto. Carpenters interested please send CVs at:
Drammen, Norway
Jul, 16
Looking for tiler to Norway for 1.5 months, work in the Polish brigade, work in city Drammen. Job right away, it's important that the person who had the experience and was able to quickly and efficiently put tiles in the bathrooms. Net salary is 10,000 PLN per month (after deduction of costs of accommodation), hiring by the Polish company. Candidates interested please email cv at email
Tilburg, Netherlands
Jul, 09
Looking 4 roof-deckers to work in the Netherlands, Tilburg Working with tiles, Netherlands. Required experience as roofers. Language English comunicative. Employment in the Dutch company, insurance. The accommodation provided by the employer. Required car. The remuneration of € 450 net per week for 40 hours per month approx. EUR 2,000 net (on hand). The cost of transport and meals to the employee. Work at 2 months to September. Departure Sunday 12/07/2015. Candidates interested please send your CV at with the note "roofer to work, Tilburg, Englsih comunicative"