Category: Electricians

Berlin, Germany
Jul, 25
I am looking for 2 electricians speaking good German to work in 2 projects: one is changing wires on electric slopes, needed good German language, working on heights; second project - work in hospital in Berlin, work with electric instalations, electric boards, wires, electricty, lights. Both projects long term contrats. salary 12 EUR/h netto + free accommodation, hiring by German company on German bases. Start start od August 2016. Candidates interested please send cv at email with annotation in subject: "electricians to Germany"
Rheine, Germany
Jan, 14
We are looking urgently 15 electricians to work in Germany with the installation of electrical construction container - container created for refugees from Syria. Working for a longer period of time. It is required tax number Dutch SOFI. Employment on Dutch conditions. Working from Monday 01.18.2016. Working in the western Germany, close to German-Holland border. The basic rate of € 10/h Net + free accommodation. Dutch company also offer free accommodation in the Netherlands, but it reached as much as 100 km from the place of work, but when choosing this option for his work rate changes at 11 EUR / h net. Work 8-9 hours per day from Monday to Friday, the average monthly net salary is 7000-7500 PLN. Working for several months. In the last 2 months, we sent 16 technicians to make container business - now we need for this project electricians. Obligatory Sofi number, so if the candidate does not have that number will not be taken into account upon departure. Candidates interested please send CV at email address with subject "electrician to Germany with SOFI number"
Odense, Denmark
Dec, 23
I am looking for 7 experienced offshore electricians to lay cables on ships in Danish shipyard near Odense. Work on ships, also doing some accomodation on ships with plugs and spots, some electricians will work in power room with motors. Work for 4-5 weeks in shipyard near Odense. Salary 153 dkk/h brutto , accommodation paid by worker 3000 dkk/month. Salary netto for 1 month work, after deduction of accommodation  is about 12500 PLN netto+ Feriepenge. Work 10 hours per day. Transport and food - on cost of worker. Candidates interested please send CV at with annotation: "electrician to shipyard Denmark"
Stuttgart, Germany
Jul, 14
Needed on Monday not far from Stuttgart 1 electrician on construction and buildings. The employee must have knowledge of the German language and own car at your disposal, also own tools. Accommodation at the expense of the company, own room with cooking facilities, max. 20 km from the village of work. We pay net € 450-475 per week for 40 hours. People interested in this job offer please send your CV to with the annotation in title:"Electrician to Stuttgart".