Category: Painters

Apeldoorn, Netherlands
Jul, 28
Lorries and busses spray painter to the Netherlands, city Apeldoorn (centre of Netherlands). Job for 1 year but trips back every 4-5 weeks to Poland. We need experinced spray painter, with communicative English and own car. Provided accommodation by employer, salary 450 EUR/week nett, about 2000 EUR nett / month with extra hours, accommodation free, located some distance (about 10 km) from place of work. Candidates interested please send CV application to email address: with annotation: "lorries busses spray painter to Holland"
Drammen, Norway
Jul, 03
2 experinced painters / wall renovators, to Norway. Working for a period of three weeks, or longer, in city of Drammen. The rate per hour of work 90 nok / h nett, cost of accommodation, transport is on the side of the employee. Employment in the Polish company, working on Polish conditions. A good number of hours per day, working also on weekends. On average, after deducting the costs of accommodation and transportation net salary for a period of 3 weeks of work approx. 7000-8000 zł netto. Trip on day 8-9.07.2015 English is not required. Candidates interested please send your CV to the address with a note in the "malarz szplachlach do Norwegii"