Category: Painters

Bergen, Norway
Aug, 01
I am looking for 4-5 painters to finish interior rooms in houses in Bergen, job for 1-2 months but possible longer. Start 5-6.08. Needed experience in Norway, good references, English language good or enough to communicate. Job with 38 hours per week, no overtime hours. Salary 181 nok/h brutto, paid accommodation (5000 NOK/month). Salary about 14000 nok/month netto with accoomodation. Tools, safety clothes and shoes will be provided by company. Accommodation with standard equipment, internet. Candidates interested please send cv at email with annotation in subject: "painters to houses Norway"
Limburg, Netherlands
Jul, 21
Seeking 2 painters to work in the Netherlands town of Limburg. Painters wall painting. Working from 2 August. Working for a longer period of time. Salary approx. 7900-8400 PLN / month (net 450-480 EUR / week) plus accommodation and insurance. Employment by the Dutch on Dutch conditions. Required communicative English and welcome car. The required number of Dutch SOFI. Please people interested send CV to the email address marked "2 painters in the Netherlands":
Deurne, Netherlands
Oct, 09
I am looking for 1 spray painter who can do preparation of surface, spray paiting and finishing of heavy machinery. Must be precise and detail-orinted, speaks well English, having fork-lift licence, own car. Permanent empoyment, salary 2200 EUR gross per month. Working normally 40 hours per week, can o max 60 hoursper week (6 days). After deducting costs of accommodation nett salary will be 1150 EUR nett per month. Candidates are requested to send Cv at email with annotation: spray-painter to Holland
Apeldoorn, Netherlands
Jul, 28
Lorries and busses spray painter to the Netherlands, city Apeldoorn (centre of Netherlands). Job for 1 year but trips back every 4-5 weeks to Poland. We need experinced spray painter, with communicative English and own car. Provided accommodation by employer, salary 450 EUR/week nett, about 2000 EUR nett / month with extra hours, accommodation free, located some distance (about 10 km) from place of work. Candidates interested please send CV application to email address: with annotation: "lorries busses spray painter to Holland"