Category: Welders

Tiesdet, Denmark
Dec, 12
I'm looking for one welder to come on Sunday 12/13/2015 to Denmark - Work from 14.12. to 12/21/2015 and 04/01/2015 by longer. Required skills and a valid welding certificate for 135, communicative, and preferably good English, the journey is the employee - required employee of your own car. Requires good welder, high-class that will be able to pass the tests of X-ray, but recently one welder 135 was sent as poorly spawał, therefore I am looking for a new one. For information on. Permissions or materials: a valid certificate of 135 and 135/138, FW BW and certification> 3mm The rate of 153 DKK / h gross + Feriepnge, accommodation paid for. The work 10 hours a day on Saturdays. For the period of work for the holidays employee salary net of the cost of accommodation approx. 4000 zł net, but will later work after the new year. The agreement with the Danish company under the terms of Danish. Those interested please spreading your CV to the email address marked "welder 135 to Denmark," or please contact us.
Esbjerg, Denmark
Dec, 03
We need 6 welders 121 to Denmark - best if have experience working in the GSG Towers in Gdansk - work for 5 - 12 months in a large Danish company which produces structures for wind towers. We require experience and a valid certificate to the method 121, also required safety certificate for welders and certified to operate a crane / crane C. The Danish company is especially interested in 121 welders with experience of working in the GSG Towers in Gdansk. The work of the new year for a few months, then possible employment on a permanent basis in the Danish company. Employment in the Danish company on Danish conditions. For the first five months pay 153 DKK / hour gross, paid accommodation (ok. 2000-3000 DKK / month / person), but later hiring on a permanent basis and other conditions wage. Working 10 hours a day, including Saturdays. The costs of transport and meals to the employee. The average monthly net salary in the initial period, after deducting the costs of accommodation, the 13.000-15.000 zł net, the employee also receives Feriepenge (ie. 12.5% ​​of gross salary). Those interested please spreading CV with scans of actual certificates to address marked "welder 121 to Denmark"
Brande, Denmark
Nov, 04
I'm looking for aluminum TIG welders with group 23, required a valid certificate, working in Denmark, a minimum of 1 month. The salary 153 DKK / hour gross. After the deductible costs of accommodation monthly net salary is approx. 12,500 PLN. Working in central Denmark, the industrial company, which produces steel structures and others. Transport and food are the costs of employee. Employment in the Danish company under the terms of the Danish law (paid Feriepenge). Required experience, important CERTIFICATE with the gr. 23 and communicative English. Those who are interested please send CV with a valid certificate 141 gr. 23 to email address with subject in email "aluminum welder to Denmark"
Haugesund, Norway
Oct, 19
I am looking for 1 welder 136 to work in Norway. He needs to have valid welding certificate 136 and licence for forklifts. Work in Norway for 4-5 weeks, salary 175 dkk/h brutto, free accommodation. Job starts from Wednsday. Candidates interested please submit Cv at with subject: "welder 136 with forklift to Norway"
Tillburg, Netherlands
Oct, 08
Required experience as a welder 141 in the chemical / food / pharmaceutical industries, certificates 141 gr8-10 , thickness 1-3 mm. The tests are very restrictive, more than a dozen welders were sent to the Polish because not passed tests for welding 141 stainless steel pipes thin (very high accuracy required for welding pipes). English communicative level, for 4 people 1 or 2 cars. The rate of 13 EUR net holiday allowance of EUR 1 nett, accommodation of the employer. Working in the region of Tilburg in the Netherlands. Working for a longer period (1.5 years). At the beginning of the work in the area 48 hours a week, and later to 56 hours. Net salary of 10,500 to 12,500 zł net. Advances paid every week, the contract with the employer Dutch. Those interested please send CV and certificates 141 sheet 1.5-3 mm at
Brande, Denmark
Sep, 12
We are looking for 1 welder 135 - 136 to Denmark for 5 weeks. Working in the welding of steel structures in the Danish industrial company in Brande. We require that the welder had valid certificates 135 and 136, knew his technical drawing (he could work well as a fitter / blacksmith), he used the English communicative and need a car to travel from Polish to Denmark and accommodation to the place work. The remuneration of 153 DKK / h gross cost of accommodation (2500 DKK per month) bears employee. After expenses and taxes accom wynagrodzeie month net income was approx. 12,500 PLN. Employment in the Danish company, under the conditions of Danish. Departure on Sunday or Monday 13/09/2015 or 09/14/2015. Those interested please send your CV spreading with a note: "welder 135/136 to Denmark"
Vojens, Denmark
Aug, 21
We are looking for 3 welders, welding  135 and 136 methods with valid certificates. Job for minimum 1 month, in Vojens Denmark, in welding steel constructions. Provided free accommodation,  salary 153 dkk/h brutto. Candidates are requested to send applications at with subject email: welder 136/135 to Denmark
Skagen, Denmark
Aug, 14
We need 10 TIG welders for super-duplex and also hulls fitters to Denmark to Skagen. Job starts 25-08-2015 for more than 1 month. Welders needed with valid certificates with gr. 8 , method welding 141, and should have Hot-work Certificate. Provided free accommodation, salary 160 dkk/h brutto, 10-12 hours working a day, 6 days a week. work for couple of weeks. Candidates interested please send Cvs at: with subject in email: welder 141 duplex/blacksmith to Denmark  
near Rotterdam, Netherlands
Jul, 23
I am looking for 1 welder 136/135 to work near Rotterdam. Needed welding certificates, own car, English language communicative. Provided free accommodation, salary 450 EUR nett/week, about 2000 EUR nett per month. Job for a couple months (till end of 1 year). Welding balustrades. Candidates are requested to send applications at with annotation: welder 136/135 to Netherlands.
Tisdet, Denmark
Jul, 01
Looking for 2 welders 136 to work in Denmark in construction company, work for start for 2 months, can work also longer if workers are good enough. Will weld 136, also needed good reading of technical drawings, drill with magnetic drill. Salary 153 dkk/h brutto, free accommodation. Working 8-10 hours a day. Job start from 06.07.2015. Candidates are requested to send application at email
Bavaria, Germany
Jun, 26
I am looking for 5 welders to Germany welding with methods 135 and 141 (stainless steel), speaking in communicative German. Work started on the 1 month trial, work contract for a couple months. Departure 28.06.2015 (Sunday) Required knowledge of the German language at a comunicative level. Important welding certificates. A valid driving license / own car to travel from accommodation to the workplace (approx. 20 km) The salary is about 2000 EUR net per month with extra overtime. The rate per working hour is 11.25 EUR / h net. Employment in the Dutch company, accompanied taxes and insurance. The applications please send to the address with the note "welder 141 135 to Germany." Please, send scans of valid welding certificates.
Haugesund, Norway
Jun, 18
I need 2 welders 141 with valid welding certificates (stainless steel), including working as pipe fitters (need to be experienced in both) to Norway, city Haugesund. Workers will work both as a welder and pipe fitter. The work about assembling for industrial components. The required welding certificates are valid 141 (stainless steel) 1.1, hot work, good knowledge of English, knowledge of drawing iso, experience of working as a pipe fitter and welder tig. Employment the rate of pay 175 kr / h gross, provided accommodation and transportation (air travel). Working 12 hours a day (a large number of working hours per week). If you be good the work contract for more than 3-4 months. Departure next week. Those who are interested please send your CV with a note in the title: "141 welder / pipe fitter to Norway"